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Plan, Schedule, Reschedule, Calculate and Get Reports
for Work and Vacations

Powerful Planner best for employee and staff scheduling. Make plans 24x7 and reschedule by drag & drop.

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Employee Planner Standalone Edition
  Quantity Price (US$) Price Per User (US$) Price & Order Link
ISingle User License US$65.95US$65.95Order Now!
II2-User License US$97.95 US$48.98 (25.7% OFF)Order Now!
III5-User License US$219.95US$43.99 (33.3% OFF)Order Now!
IV10-User License US$390.95US$39.10 (40.7% OFF)Order Now!
V20-User License US$683.95US$34.20 (48.1% OFF)Order Now!
VI50-User License US$1,463.95US$29.28 (55.6% OFF)Order Now!
Employee Planner Client/Server Edition
# License Pack Price & Order Link Additional Client license
I 1 server + 3 clients US$ 359.80 US$ 65.95
II 1 server + 8 clients US$ 675.85 US$ 65.95
III 1 server + 20 clients US$ 1,295.90 US$ 65.95
IV 1 server + 50 clients US$ 3,100.95 US$ 65.95
My Vacation Tracker Personal/Professional/Enterprise Edition
  License Option Price (US$) Maximum Staff Profiles Price & Order Link
IStandard Edition License US$79.9515Order Now!
IIProfessional Edition License US$119.95 30Order Now!
IIIEnterprise Edition License US$229.95UnlimitedOrder Now!
My Vacation Tracker Client/Server Edition
License Pack License Description Price & Order Link Maximum Staff Profiles If Add More Client
I1 Server + 2 ClientsUS$499.95UnlimitedUS$ 119.95
II1 Server + 5 ClientsUS$859.70 UnlimitedUS$ 119.95
III1 Server + 10 ClientsUS$1,459.45UnlimitedUS$119.95
IV1 Server + 20 ClientsUS$2559.45 UnlimitedUS$ 119.95
V1 Server + 30 ClientsUS$3658.50UnlimitedUS$119.95